Natural Stone Tiles in Aurora Will Answer Your Renovation Needs!

Residents in Aurora are turning to the trend of renovation to spice up the look of their beloved homes. This is a great way to give a new fresh appeal to a home that holds many old memories. Painting the walls a new colour or switching up the furniture does make a difference, but to truly shape an existing space one must start from the ground up. A person's interior home decor can drastically change with the addition of natural stone tiles.
The Many Uses of Natural Stone Tiles
Natural stone tiles can be used in various places when renovating a home. The most obvious tiling option would be for flooring, but did you know natural stone tiles can be used as countertops, on the walls and even as decorative pieces? The options for incorporating natural stones are endless and can create drastically different effects while evoking different moods. The size of natural stone, the colour, style and finish all work together to define a room. Understanding the different types of natural stone is key to choosing which will work in favor of your renovation needs.
Types of Natural Stone Tiles
Understanding the basics of natural stone tiles will give you a good basis of understanding before you enter a wholesale tiles shop or warehouse. There are four main categories of stone and rocks that exist in nature as a result of natural processes, but for the purpose of this article, we'll focus on two main categories and the rocks that are used specifically for decorative uses:
  • Metamorphic – Marble and Slate
  • Igneous- Granite
Marble comes in a vast array of colours and has been used for centuries all over the world when constructing cathedrals, buildings and carving statues. The colour of marble suggests where it has come from, and is the reason why the price of marble can be quite high. Marble stone exhibits lines, also known as veins, which vary considerably depending on the type of stone. This natural stone adds a sense of elegance to any part of one's home. It is most usually used for flooring, but can also be found throughout a bathroom and on the walls.
Slate comes in many colours and textures. Its range of hues tends to be deeper and give a more natural and earthy feel to a room. This can be attributed to the range of textures and sizes that slate tiles and rocks come in. Small tiles may be stacked for more decorative purposes to highlight a focal point of a room, like a fireplace. Slate is one of the more multifunctional stones and can be used as floor tiling in kitchens and bathrooms.
Granite is commonly seen in kitchens and bathrooms and as flooring. It's beautifully speckled and can also have veins with a crystal-like appearance embedded in the rock. It is usually found in black, grey, brown or green colour range and also a cream, orange and pink range. Granite is typically found as counter-tops in kitchens, bathrooms and granite tiles are also used in flooring.
Now that you have the tools to revamp your existing home, you'll have a greater understanding of where to start when you make a trip to your closest natural stone retailer!